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Change Place Ltd. Has been providing nationwide foreign currency exchange services since its establishment in 1996. The Company provides unique currency exchange services for all kinds of currency available and for all kind of clients. Change Place operates an online exchange service, which allows customers to order foreign currency in advance according to their specific needs, collecting it at a chosen branch.

For 15 years, the company was the exclusive franchiser of the VAT refund service for tourists on behalf of Israel's Tax Authority, at all air, sea and land border crossings. The VAT refund system has been developed by the company in cooperation with the Israeli Tax Authority and the Ministry of Tourism.

For 14 years the company has operated all currency exchange services at the Ben Gurion, Eilat and Ovda Airports.

The company enjoys a wide customer base, comprising of two main categories: individuals (tourists and Israelis), and corporate and institutional clients. The commercial and institutional customers include government ministries, state institutions and state-owned companies, leading academic institutions and business entities, as well as hundreds of high-tech companies, hotels, travel companies, HR firms and more.

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